Why use Gattas Denfield Solicitors?


​Gattas Denfield Solicitors is a progressive and forward thinking firm of solicitors in Kingsbury, North West London, dedicated to bringing clear, practical guidance to private and commercial clients.

As a small business we are proud to distinguish our work from that of a factory style firm. You will always be able to talk to someone who has an intimate knowledge of what is happening with your case. Our business model relies heavily on previous clients referring us, which we believe requires every member of our team to understand the needs of each person we are advising. You will be placed at the heart of this firm's culture.

​Gattas Denfield Solicitors is comprised of a small, highly-qualified team. We believe that our offering  is unique to the market - a firm that delivers the very best bespoke legal advice in such a way that we are considered by many to be the best around. 

Buying and selling property is considered to be the most stressful experience ever! We are happy to assist you with every step of the process - making the whole experience stress free to completion. We deal with residential freehold and leasehold as well as commercial transactions. Moving could not be more straight forward.

​​Criminal matters are an important part of our work too. Our solicitors are police station representatives who deal with cases from first interview through to final outcome. We have a very high acquittal rate.​

Julian Gattas - Director


After qualifying in 1982 Julian took the decision to strike out on his own, so in 1985 he created Julian Gattas and Company. Julian specialises in Land, Criminal and Private Client law and says his real pleasure at work is interacting with the different people that enable him to run a successful legal practice. During his time in practice Julian has acted for companies and individuals on matters ranging from residential and commercial conveyancing to fraud and murder.

Gillian Gattas - Licenced Conveyancer 


Gillian has been working in law since 1974 and in 1989 she licensed as a Conveyancer. Shortly after Julian started his first company she was able to join him and ten years later was to play an instrumental role in the acquisition of Ivor Denfield and Company. This ultimately led to the merging of the two firms and the creation of Gattas Denfield Solicitors.  Today she heads both the financial and conveyancing teams at GDS.

Gattas Denfield Solicitors The White House 301A Kingsbury Road Kingsbury London NW9 9PE

T: 0208 204 7181

F: 0208 206 1016

Gattas Denfield Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority   

                                                                   Number: 61571