Business Planning

Setting up a business is an exciting process but without the right advice it can also be a minefield, particularly where legal matters are concerned. Do not wait until you have a problem to visit a professional as by then the solution can be more costly than taking simple action to prevent the problem in the fist place. We advise on the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 the opportunities and potential pit-falls one faces when setting up a new company.

​Come to talk to us about your business plan. We will take a distanced view of the pressures you face in your particular market. From drafting contracts of service or sale to providing advice on how to set up on your own, you can come to us on a confidential basis and ask our opinion about your business. As lawyers we are trained to take a distanced, objective view of the pressures that affect business organisations, which are often more helpful than overly supportive friends and family. 

Prevention is better than cure. Getting legal advice at the start means you can avoid crises. We are happy to advise on all matters from business premises to employment issues and licenses.

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