Debt Collection 

Our debt collection department has over 30 years experience dealing with a range of recovery situations, from individual debtors to sophisticated corporate debtors. 

Our advice will cover a wide range of options from Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution to other solutions such as insolvency petitions and invoice factoring. 


Basis for Charging


Our fees are calculated on an hourly basis as follows:


  1. Hourly rates

Grade A Fee Earner                                                                         £300.00 + VAT per hour

Grade B Fee Earner                                                                         £250.00 + VAT per hour

Grade C Fee Earner                                                                         £200.00 + VAT per hour


  1. Letters and telephone call items are charged at 1/10 of an hour.  


Experience and qualifications of anyone carrying out the work


Our debt collection team has over 30 years’ experience acting in a wide range of debt collection matters from landlords seeking rent arrears, to companies claiming commercial debts both domestically and internationally.


We also advise on a range of solutions for companies with cash flow difficulties and we have contacts with a range of factoring agencies who may be able to assist with a more cost effective and less stressful solution if you have outstanding invoices.


Notable recent cases include an out of court settlement for the entire principal debt in excess of £200,000.00 repaid over a 6-month period.


Call us today  on 020 8204 7181 to arrange an appointment to discuss your case with one of our specialist debt collection solicitors.


Description and likely cost of any disbursements or the average cost

Court issue fee is subject to change. Call us on 020 8204 7181 to arrange an appointment in which we can calculate the court fee payable in any given case. 


Counsel’s fee: The word Counsel refers to barristers or solicitor/advocates who you may wish to represent you on the day of the hearing. We work closely with a range of barrister’s chambers and we will be happy to provide fee quotations for a range of barristers depending on the seniority and experience that may be required.   


Details of services included and likely time scales

First of all we will invite you to attend our office and discuss your matter to determine, amongst other things the value, the liability of the debtor, and the assets from which you may enforce any judgment.

There are generally two routes to collect a debt: (1) to issue a claim; and (2) to serve the debtor with a Statutory Demand. The two can be commenced simultaneously and, although the time will differ from case to case, we would estimate the time frames to be as follows:

  1. Issue a Claim

In all cases the Claimant should serve a pre-action protocol letter which provides the prospective defendant 2 weeks to respond in straight forward matters.


Cases which have a value of more than £10,000.00 but less than £25,000.00 it will be allocated to the fast track. Once the claim has been issued and the prospective Defendant has had an opportunity to file a Defence the court will allocate the case to the fast track and, usually, order the following standard directions:

Exchange of witness statements                                                   10 weeks

Exchange of expert’s reports                                                          14 weeks

Court send pre-trial checklist, listing questionnaires                 20 weeks

Parties file pre-trial checklist, listing questionnaires                  22 weeks

Hearing                                                                                               30 weeks 


These periods run from the date of allocation.


Cases which have a value of more than £25,000.00 will usually be allocated to the multi-track. This track is used to deal with a wide variety of claims from the relatively straight forward to the most complex matters and the directions and time table are flexible to allow for those differences. However, where the claim is for a debt collection you would usually expect the court to adhere to the standard directions and time table as above.


Call us today on 0208 204 7181 to discuss your matter in more detail and book an appointment with one of our debt collection specialists.

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