Financial Planning for the Elderly


A Will ensures security and peace of mind that all your assets are taken care of in the event of death. At this time in life people often feel they have peculiar or sensitve problems. At Gattas Denfield we have a wealth of experience dealing with these issues and we put our clients first in such matters. We offer in-depth, bespoke advice on Wills and the implications involved if you do not have one in place. Contact us today and make a secure provision for the future of your loved ones

Lasting Power of Attorney:

Lasting Powers of Attorney enable one  or more people to take decisions on behalf of someone who is unable to for themselves.  Decisions may be taken regarding health and personal welfare and/or property and financial affairs. Over 25 years experience has taught us that this area of law requires an especially delicate touch and an intimate knowledge of our clients situation and needs. Our team will provide you with comprehensive advice and understanding on how to apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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